Interview with Selena from Scratch and Peck

Hey guys! I thought it might be refreshing to introduce you to some of our fellow flock owners and glean some of their knowledge from their experience with raising chickens… So first up is Selena, who is a sales representative at Scratch and Peck Feeds. We first met Selena at the Prince Expo back in September and it quickly became apparent how similar our views are on raising our chickens. So, keep reading to hear about her surprising journey from pharmaceutical sales to organic chicken feed sales!

Q: I know you’re a sales rep for S & P, but could you give me a little more background on what you do at S & P and how you started working there?

A: Believe it or not, I worked in pharmaceutical sales for over 25 years! Deep inside, I’d always yearned to live in the country and to raise chickens like my Grandmother Esther had done. Then in 2016, my husband and I fulfilled our dreams and finally cut our city ties and moved out to the country. I finally had my beautiful farm, and my sweet flock of chickens, and I began feeding them Scratch and Peck right from the get go. I had read about Scratch and Peck, and loved their story and saw how well my flock thrived on their food. I began to feel like my career wasn’t reflecting the natural lifestyle I was living, and so one day I sent the owner of Scratch and Peck a letter, and told her that I would love to come and work for her because I loved sales, and I really loved her product. She said yes, and the rest is history!!

Q: How does your job at Scratch & Peck affect how you raise your own backyard flock?

A: Working at Scratch and Peck is a dream, and I continue to learn new things every day about organics, natural chicken keeping, and sustainability. I feel so blessed to meet so many amazing farmers, customers, and store employees who continue to impart their vast knowledge upon me. My chickens are seriously spoiled and very loved. They get the best food and treats, and I do my best to ferment and sprout as my travel schedule allows.

Q: If you could give other backyard flock owners one piece of advice, what would it be?

A: Advice… If you’re interested in sprouting and fermenting, but feeling overwhelmed by the work involved, remember that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. I travel a lot for work, and so I ferment and sprout as my schedule allows. My flock has access to dry Scratch and Peck every day, and then they get fermented feed a couple of days a week, and sprouts usually on the weekends. There is no right or wrong answer – just do the best you can and try to enjoy the process. I ferment with a mason jar in my kitchen, and I get really excited when I start to see those bubbles of life springing to the surface! I love the sight and smell of it, and I love how excited my flock gets when they see me walking their way with a jar in my hand. Their enthusiasm is so contagious!

Q: What are some of your favorite products to use for your flock during the winter?

A: My favorite Winter products – Once the weather starts to cool down and I notice signs of molting, I make a custom treat blend for my flock. I combine two large bags of our Cluckin’ Good Grubs along with one 8lb bag of our Cluckin’ Good Organic Cracked Corn. Then I add one bag of Organic Black Oil Shelled Sunflower Seeds. I give them a scoop every evening before bedtime, and they LOVE it. Usually they are trying to hop into the treat bin the second I take the lid off. The added protein helps boost feather growth, and the cracked corn is a carbohydrate that is thought to help keep them warmer at night.

Here they are, when the lid comes off the “Cluckie Jar”!

Q: Any favorite chicken stories to share?

A: Favorite chicken story: One day I happened to be visiting a local animal sanctuary. They had recently rescued dozens of roosters from an animal hoarding situation, and they were struggling to find homes for them all. I had never been around roosters before, and I had read so many negative things online about them being aggressive. I was compelled to help though, and so despite being nervous about the idea, I filled out an adoption application. Upon receiving approval, I brought home one of the rescued roosters and introduced him to my flock. His name was Lennon (due to his beautiful singing voice), and he proceeded to teach me that roosters can be wonderful loving pets! He was always keeping a watchful eye on my flock, and whenever he would find a nice juicy worm he would call the ladies over so that they could enjoy it. He was a sweet, handsome, and selfless gentleman through and through, and he completely eliminated any misconceptions I had about roosters.

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