book image: lifestyles of the chicken famous

Lifestyles of the Chicken Famous by Kathy Shea Mormino


Every day Kathy Shea Mormino shares her unique perspective on backyard chicken keeping with countless fans worldwide through her award-winning Facebook page and blog.

But even before Kathy became a trusted ambassador in the world of backyard chickens, the members of her flock were household names among her fans — Freida the White Silkie and mother-of-the-year for seven years running; Blaze, the dashing, Black Copper Marans rooster; and frizzled Bantam Cochin, Rachel, the habitually broody flock diva; and all of Kathy’s other chickens. 

Now, by popular demand, Kathy offers this gorgeous volume worthy of center stage on any coffee table. Inside, her beautifully reproduced full-color imagery showcases her meticulously landscaped chicken village and, of course, her spectacular flock members, including unusual, rare, endangered, and otherwise breathtaking breeds and their masterworks (i.e., their eggs). In addition, Kathy offers advice about the breeds sprinkled throughout with chicken-keeping wisdom.