New Country Organics Starter Crumbles


Our Certified Organic, Soy-Free 21% Protein Poultry Starter Crumbles is a complete nutritional feed of North American Organic grains supplemented with organic alfalfa, kelp, flaxseed, and Poultry Nutribalancer in crumble form for chicks. Fully balanced with all the nutrients your chicks need, this feed also includes probiotics to help improve digestive health to optimize nutrition. This feed is designed for free feeding to young chicks aged 0 to 4 weeks to sustain fast growth. At 5 weeks of age, transition to our NCO Grower/Broiler feed.

Feed free choice to ducks and chicks from 0 to 4 weeks,
then transition to New Country Organics Soy-Free Grower/
Broiler feed. Always provide plenty of clean, fresh water.
Free choice access to properly sized grit is recommended.