Send ‘Em Out to Blow the Stink Off

A little history here… So, growing up my cousins and I spent a lot of time at our grandma’s house during the summer. Like many kids, we would try to stay inside as much as possible in the air conditioning, watching TV (or, the boob tube as Mamaw called it!) and playing computer games. After a while, Mamaw would tell us it was time to “go outside and blow the stink off”.

It’s only fitting, of course, that I have carried this phrase over to our chickens. Because we live in a subdivision, we have to keep our chickens in an enclosed run in lieu of allowing them to free range. Unfortunately, the combination of confinement and perpetual production of chicken poop can create a less than pleasant odor. So, it makes sense that every once in a while, we kick them out of the run to go “blow the stink off”.

Whenever they get a chance to get out on the grass, they jump on it!

We have a playpen we set up for them in our yard; it consists of two dog pens put together to create one larger pen. Then, we covered it with bird mesh and added a tarp to one side to provide them with shade.

The pen we put them in

Lately, because of the nice weather we’ve been having, I’ve been kicking them out more often.

But, do you have to pick them up individually and carry them over to their pen???

I’m glad you asked… And the answer is absolutely not. That’s where treats come in and our girls love mealworms! Right now we’re using Scratch & Peck Cluckin’ Good Grubs to entice them, although any kind will work. They will happily follow us out of their run, across the bridge and into the pen for a taste of these delectable little morsels. Plus, who doesn’t love to sink their toes in some cool, green grass every once in a while?

Enjoying the grass!

Do you have something special you do for your chickens? Let us know in the comments section below!