Product Review: Panacea Rustic Farmhouse Step Feeder vs. Little Giant High Capacity Galvanized Feeder

I don’t know if you have the same problem as us or not, but our chickens like to scrape out all the feed they’re not big fans of and dump it onto the ground, which is super frustrating for us poultry parents. This is why, when my husband and I happened upon these two very different feeders at the Prince Expo, we jumped at the chance to try them out.

The Panacea feeder is on the left; the High Capacity feeder by Little Giant is on the right.

First: The Panacea Feeder

Price: $80.00

We picked this feeder up at the Prince Corporation Expo in Wisconsin that we attended back in September. We were previously using a 5 gal bucket with holes cut into it and PVC pipes inserted into the openings that looked similar to this:

Even with the smaller opening, they were still able to scrape a lot of their feed out onto the ground. So, in comes the Panacea Step Feeder… One of the things we liked about this particular feeder other the large capacity was that the food would not be exposed to the elements 24/7. We originally filled this feeder up with New Country Organics Corn Free Layer Mash, but it soon became apparent how easy it was for our girls to scrape the mash out when we discovered their feed scattered all over the step in front as well as the ground. A quick switch to a pelleted feed proved to be the remedy to this problem.

Panacea Large Step Chicken Feeder

Another thing I would mention about this feeder is how much more aesthetically pleasing it is compared the High Capacity Galvanized feeder. In this picture it’s quite dirty so it’s not really pretty here, but when it’s brand new it’s very cute. Because the one we bought was more of a prototype, it doesn’t have “The Coop” written on the sides like all future feeders will.

One thing I would caution against if you choose to use this feeder, is to not place it on uneven ground. It really needs to be placed on something level and sturdy. Especially with the sand we have in our run, it tends to tip forward making it awkward for the girls to eat out of.

Second: Little Giant High Capacity Galvanized Feeder

Price: $47.00

This was another feeder we noticed at the Prince Expo we attended in September. We were quite impressed with the higher capacity of feed it held as well as the durability. Unlike the Panacea feeder, which we were able to purchase right then, we had to wait until November when our order came in to get to try this one out. We were definitely very excited to put it to the test.

Little Giant High Capacity Galvanized Feeder

One thing we really liked about this product was the ability to mount it rather than having it sit on the ground. And, due to the wire grate atop the food, their ability to scrape their food out would be greatly diminished. The only thing missing with this particular feeder was the dedicated cover to keep any precipitation off of it which the Panacea feeder did have.


Within a week after putting the Little Giant High Capacity Galvanized Feeder to use we realized that it would be our personal preference between the two. Both feeders will hold a higher capacity of feed. If your preference is aesthetics and protecting feed from the elements, then the Panacea is your best option. On the other hand, if budget and keeping your chickens from wasting their feed is a higher priority, then the Little Giant is for you.

So, happy feeding! And, if you’ve found a feeding method you like best, feel free to send us a message at

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