Thank Goodness for Chicken Poop…

Oh the joys of poop… If you’re a chicken owner, you know that poop… is INEVITABLE. Chickens will poop ANYWHERE – in their water, feed bucket, ramp, nesting box, no surface is un-poopable.

This past spring, my husband and I, along with my ever willing to assist parents, shoveled all of the chicken poop/sand mixture out of the run and into the garden in order to create better drainage for when it rains. We probably shoveled out a good 10″-11″ of sand and laid down a 3″ or so layer of driveway gravel followed by approximately 4″ of fresh sand.

We were quite delayed in getting our garden planted this year due to all the rain we had in May, so we didn’t get it planted until closer to the end of June. I didn’t think anything more about the chicken poop/sand we added in the spring until a few weeks ago when our green beans and tomatoes were literally hanging off the vines by the bunches. Now, before you make the mistake of thinking this is a typical harvest for us, allow me to assure you it is NOT. In previous years, we’ve been lucky to get half of a five gallon bucket full of beans and one edible tomato. This year I picked five buckets worth of green beans within a matter of two and a half weeks, which, by the grace of God, has allowed us to bless those around us with fresh produce.

So fellow flock owners, if you need a little pick-me-up for your plants, put that poop to good use! You too will be saying, “Thank goodness for chicken poop!”

2 thoughts on “Thank Goodness for Chicken Poop…”

  1. Linda D Randolph

    I am looking forward to receiving the wonderful blessings of the chicken poop. I too am late in planting my garden because of all of the rain. I know how wonderful composting has been in the past, but never with the additional bebefits of chicken poop since this is my 1st year raising chickens…….so we shall see.

    1. Chelsey Stone

      You’re going to love it! I’ve actually had people ask me before if I sell chicken manure, so their poop is basically GOLD! 😀

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